Anti-Money Laundering

Avoid costly fines or the closure of your Property Sourcing business. Get compliant.

Find Out How

Why Get Compliant?

HMRC are clamping down on individuals and businesses who offer Property Sourcing services.  

Surprise inspections, fines, banning orders and even a prison sentence can result from inappropriate practice.

As a compliant sourcer you'll not only stay on the right side of the law, you'll also attract the right type of clients and command a higher level of trust than over 90% of your competitors.


What Do You Need?


This AML guide and checklist will take you through all the basics. Complete with a short training video to walk you through what you need to have in place.  From this you can be sure you know how to stay on the right side of the law.


Get your hands on a working policy document. This shows you clearly how to comply with AML regulations.  Use this as a framework to create your own policy and amend it to suit your needs.  The training video included gives you extra guidance.

Risk Assessment

Created specifically to cover property sourcing activities this Risk Assessment has never been released. This process is essential to show how your policy works in practice.  The additional training video takes you through the process.

About Tina Walsh

Tina Walsh is a former Police Officer and author of the best selling book; Property Sourcing Compliance; Keeping you on the right side of the law.

A nationally renowned expert in compliance working with The Association of Residential Letting Agents, Tina knows first hand how not being compliant can mean the end of your property sourcing business.

Get Your AML Processes In Place

With easy-to-use templates and training videos

A Package To Suit Your Needs

You need to have a Policy and a Risk Assessment in place. So we've made it easy for you. Choose the Guide, the Policy Document, The Risk Assessment or go all-in and grab the Full AML Bundle and get the book and a discount!

Policy Guide Checklist


Immediate download

AML Policy Checklist 

Training Video

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Policy Document


Immediate Download

Full Policy Document

Customise Content

Training Video

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Risk Assessment


Immediate Download

Full Risk Assessment

Customise Content

Training Video

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Full AML Bundle


Everything included

Policy Guide

Policy Document

Risk Assessment

3 Training Videos

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"Tina has successfully achieved simplicity from the often misunderstood chaos of property sourcing compliance. Easy to read and understand! An absolute must if a sustainable sourcing business is what you desire."

Sarah Poynton-Ryan
Rent Guaranteed UK

"Even as an experienced property professional, Tina has opened my eyes to potential risks involved with property sourcing that no-one else in the industry covers. "

Rob Stewart
Investor & Speaker, The Property Education Group

"Are you a professional or a lazy imposter pretending to source 'deals' for others? Do you understand the legal obligations? Know your Client and Anti-Money Laundering? Tina has captured 'best practice.' Rise above the noise and join the professionals. Apply Tina's insights."

John Corey
Property Fortress

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