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✅ How to FIND THE RIGHT AREA & PROPERTIES so you can stop overthinking and start getting a result.

✅ How to GET LEADS and have your phone ringing.

✅ How to create MARKETING THAT GETS NOTICED by sellers and gets a response.

✅ How to CLOSE DEALS confidently, even if you’re a total beginner and hate selling.

✅ How to SET PRICE AND PROFITS so you don't get burned or go broke.

✅ How to get deals SIGNED & SEALED with minimum fuss, stress and hassle.

✅ How to GET PAID, keep control of the deal and avoid being 'cut-out.'

✅ How to FIND HUNGRY BUYERS, in any market so you've always got opportunities to choose from.

✅ How to MOTIVATE AGENTS to work with you.

✅ How to DO MORE DEALS other investors & sourcers overlook and have them wondering how you're making money.

✅ How to BUILD YOUR POWER TEAM to help you grow and scale your business to the size you want.

✅ How to SOLVE PROBLEMS and stop the shit hitting the fan and what to do if things don't work out.

Assisted Sales Intensive Shows You How

Phil took the programme and here's what happened:

"Trish showed me how to help a family facing repossession by using an Assisted Sale. Not only did I stop them being evicted, I also got the property sold via an agent in 45 days and got paid over £6000."



Why You Need This In Your Investing Toolkit

Low Startup Costs

Get going even with a small amount of money and without the need for a deposit, mortgage, expensive finance or credit. 

Works in Any Market

Discover how you can make deals in any market including 'high end' properties where there's less competition for deals

Generate Capital

Discover how to close deals confidently and get fewer objections or rejections from sellers, without feeling sleazy or spammy.

What people are saying

What You'll Discover

✅ How To Choose The Right Area (So you know there are opportunities worth pursuing).

✅ Stage 1 Finding Motivated Sellers (and getting your phone ringing with enquiries).

✅ Stage 2 Negotiating & Closing Deals With Ease (even if you hate selling and lack confidence - no spam or sleaze)

✅ Stage 3 Getting The Paperwork Right (never be stuck wondering what documents you need for the job)

✅ Stage 4 Marketing & Finding A Buyer (how to get your property ready to get a sale fast)

✅ Stage 5 Handling Offers & Closing A Sale (how to avoid timewasters and tyre-kickers & get the best price)

✅ Stage 6 Handling The Sales Process & Keeping Control (how to ensure your sale progresses smoothly and how to spot and deal with problems)

✅ Stage 7 Making Sure You Get Paid (how to ensure the money lands in your bank first)

✅ Different Ways To Make Money (how to adapt this strategy to any property and any market)

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What's Included

Assisted Sales Intensive is delivered to you in easy to follow online modules.

Access this from your phone, laptop or desktop and follow at your own pace.

Every Checklist, Toolkit, Contract and Document you need is included.

You get everything I've used and developed personally as an Investor and a former Estate Agency Owner.

It's all in here. Nothing left out.


✅ L.E.A.D.S.© Framework & training (value £247)

✅ 3M© Marketing Method & training (value £247)

✅ K.U.D.D.L.E.S.© Model & training so you can negotiate and close like a pro (value £247)

✅ Simple Basics© Calculator so you know the numbers stack up before you go into a deal (value £99)

✅ Property Professionals Paperwork Pack© all the contract documents you need to get the deal signed and sealed (value £1200)

✅ Bonus Mastermind Recordings from previous sessions (value £997)

✅ Checklists and tools (every stage laid out in easy to follow format (value £99)

✅ Email support for 30 days (value £99)

✅ VIP access to 1:1 coaching session (usually £247/hr)

✅ BONUS Training: Handling Repossessions (value £57)




Why Should You Listen To Me?

You might be wondering why you should listen to me. That's a fair point. Especially if you've never heard of me.

So Hi!  I'm Trish.

I'll start by confessing I never expected to be involved in property. I wasn't 'passionate about property' like I hear so many people say.   
In fact I worked in the NHS for 15 years and was a Mental Health Nurse Consultant and Manager before I left.  

When I left the NHS I set up my own Management and Training Consultancy business.

In spite of planning for the future, my private pension plan looked like I'd have to work until I was 80 to have any chance of a comfortable retirement.
And that scared me.

So I was searching for a solution. 

I found it in the form of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Robert Kiyosaki. 

So it was back in late 2003 when I did my first property training course and early 2004 before I bought my first investment property.

For the next 7 years alongside my business, I threw myself and my money into acquiring assets and investing in my education. 

Rental Properties, HMO's, buying at auction, Off-plan and some Commercial units.  I tried a lot of strategies over the years.   

I carried on balancing my business with property and of course it wasn't always easy. 

But eventually I decided I liked doing this more than the consulting business I owned.

So in 2010 I decided to go into property full time.

The problem for me was I knew if I got rid of my business I'd cut off the source of funds I was using for deposits. 

So again I needed a solution.

Around that time, I'd seen a lot of hype about 'no-money-deals'.  I was curious if this was marketing schpiel or a real opportunity. Being married to a copper made me especially skeptical. 

With 7 years experience as an ‘investor’ under my belt, I was by no means a 'newbie'  but I wanted to know more.
What I found out by DOING rather than just learning, was just how flexible Assisted Sales are (as long as you stick to the fundamentals).
In fact it's a strategy I used to set up an Estate Agency in 2011. 

I quickly discovered I could use Assisted Sales to move myself and our agency from a traditional Estate Agent or 'sleazy BMV investor who wants to screw everyone down to a 25% or bigger discount,'  to a valued contact providing sellers with a range of options to get rid of their property. 

And it worked well. 

Especially as 'sales' didn't come naturally to me (even with a business).

So I was able to use the money created to actually buy more assets. 

I went out and did more. Refining my approach as I went along.  

And thats how my process and system was born. 

It felt better to be in a position of being able to work with sellers than trying to press them into selling their property to me.

And I know I wasn't alone.

In fact, I'm pretty sure a lot of folks hold back from taking the next step or getting a result because they have that 'icky' feeling of having to squeeze or manipulate every seller you speak to.  

Especially those that are desperate rather than motivated.
And I know from experience, it doesn't have to be like that.
In fact, I NEVER approach sellers as a 'property investor.' 
I simply say I can look at their situation and ask them if they'd be willing to work with me if I can come up with a solution that fits their needs.
Those that do, turn into a client. Yay! 
Those that don't work with me, often come back later when other solutions they've tried fall through.  
So now, even when I 'lose' the deal; I still win in the longer term.
I've used Assisted Sales to sell multi-million pound luxury homes as well as ordinary houses and I've become an expert in dealing with repossessions as a result.
The experience I share with you in this programme is based on real-life deals done over a long time period in different property markets. 
I know this strategy is a brilliant tool, if used wisely.

I also know what, where and how it goes wrong and (unlike some others) I can show you real-life examples of how to handle it when it does. 

Because I know this stuff so well, I was getting people coming to me asking for advice on how they could do it too.

People, like me, who wanted to feel good about working with sellers. 

So my Assisted Sales Intensive programme was born. 

And it's why it's available to you right now.


Let's get real for a moment.

This isn't a 'get rich quick' kinda deal. Property rarely is.
I'm not claiming you'll be sitting on a beach drinking Mojito's with your laptop pinging a 'ker-ching' with loads of dosh landing in your bank account every 2 minutes.
I hate that bullshit peddled by folks who sell false hope.

It's everything I stand against. 
No. No. NO!
And please, don’t believe ANYONE who says you will make money  'passively.' 
Certainly don’t give them your hard-earned cash.
Because you're going to have to work for this.

If that sounds like too much hassle. Stop now. 

This definitely isn't for you. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad shout if you can earn £2495 - £18,575 plus per property in your spare time and want extra cash for a holiday or something frivolous. 
But you have to set yourself up properly to make the best of Assisted Sales, even though you can get up and running pretty quickly and easily.
And my programme helps you do just that.

The real secret to success is getting out there and making things happen.  
If by now you're feeling this is something you can follow-through with, then the Assisted Sales Intensive Programme is definitely right for you.
Plus with my RISK-FREE GUARANTEE, you've absolutely nothing to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell, yes.  If you're involved in property you can use Assisted Sales to find properties for yourself or for others. 

You don't have to be new to property either to benefit from what you'll discover.

In fact, you'll find it fits in nicely with whatever strategy you're using right now.

If you want more leads.  You got it.

If you want to be better at negotiating and closing. You got it.

Whether you are a Property Sourcer, doing Below Market Value deals, Serviced Accommodation right through to development and land opportunities.

Learning how to find leads and negotiate with sellers is at the very heart of this programme.

How you use that new-found knowledge is up to you!

So jump in.

In a word; any.

I've used Assisted Sales with small single properties, family homes, probate properties, repossessions, portfolios and multi-million pound houses.

The only trick is deciding what area and type of property you want to deal with and then setting about finding a seller who wants help (not necessarily desperate I might add).

The local market is your playground with this so you aren't limited to competing with investors or Sourcers for the same deals. 

Now doesn't that sound like something worth looking in to?

I wish I could say 'in a week' but I'm not going to try to sell you the dream of instant riches. That's for the snake-oil type property goo-roos.

So you will have to work at it to get the end result.

But I will say you can get set up in as little as 30 days. 

The key is in knowing your area and understanding what opportunities there are out there in your market.

If you follow my L.E.A.D.S. system, you'll have multiple ways to generate enquiries and from there you'll filter and follow up those that are of interest.


It fits perfectly into your business model.

After all you're out there finding property for investors anyway.

But what if some of the deals don't have that elusive 25% BMV discount I see so many Sourcers struggling to get?

That's a wasted lead, right?

Well what if you could speak to the seller and let them know there's another way you can help them?

Simply by working with them to sell the property.

And what's more, you can still work out a way to get paid by either charging a fee or agreeing a price and you get paid anything above that?

I teach a number of scenarios you can use to help sellers AND GET PAID.

And it won't change your business.

It'll enhance it.

So what are you waiting for?

First of all I want to make sure you do this legally and ethically.

I've been a Property Sourcer and also owned my own Estate Agency so I know what you need to have in place.


I also know that there are ways to get set up and get going faster.

For the way I teach this strategy you don't need to be an estate agent or a compliant sourcer (but if you are that's perfectly OK too)..

I set up these deals as a partnership with the seller.

My paperwork and process reflects this.

It helps you get setup and going faster.

It also gives you a chance to work with agents and sourcers to maximise your marketing and grow your network.

But if you're getting started and want to be a professional property sourcer your first deal done using Assisted Sales could pay you more than enough to set up your compliance.

So that's a win:win worth jumping in on, wouldn't you agree?

The programme is split over 7 essential Stages.

This is delivered to you in modules released over 4 weeks (30 days).

This means you learn each stage, then apply the learning before you move on.

Each module has a video plus some downloads.  

Doing it this way means you won't get overwhelmed with information.  As a result you're five times more likely to get a result.

I've over 30 years expertise as a consultant and trainer so I know that giving this to you in bite-size chunks gives you the very best chance of being successful.

Above all that's what I want for you.

In any case, once you've completed the whole programme the first time through, you have access to it for life and will be able to dive into each module as and when you need.

I'm interested in you getting a result.

In using the programme and getting a deal done.

As a former training consultant, I know from experience, the best way to ensure your success and build your confidence is for you to learn stuff and then 'do' stuff (to solidify what you've learned).

So I set out to ensure you nail every part of this before you move on.

I'm tired of seeing people buy training only to find they don't complete it and so never benefit.

That's not what I stand for.

If you invest in yourself by doing this programme, I want you to follow-through and get a result.

So for now, trust me, getting this sent to you over the 30 days is the best way to help you make it work.

Plus you can always go back over stuff at your own pace and in your own time. 

I could make it more expensive (and indeed I have in the past and won't rule it out in the future).

But I'm also sad to see how many people want to learn about property and feel the only way to do this is to pay high four-figure and five-figure sums only to be left with as many questions as answers.

It's wrong.  And it's not want I want to do.

I want as many people as possible to have access to this.

I feel the current price is a good enough amount to discourage you from investing money you can't afford whilst ensuring when you join you can instantly see you're getting so much additional value.

I've been developing and using all these skills and tools for a long time.

I've invested heavily in myself and my business and to learn this stuff and it's a lot more than the price you're paying.

But I also want to help as many people as possible get decent quality training without breaking their banks.

I've seen too many people pay huge sums of money and not have anything to show.

That's not how I work.

Without the overheads of a big staff team or running live events I can pass discounts and saving directly to you.

Not everyone wants, needs or can afford high-ticket coaching or mentoring.

And I know with my programme you're getting a ton of great training at a fraction of its value.

I've tried to make this programme as easy to follow, cost effective and comprehensive as possible without compromising on quality.

So it's totally online and you can follow at your own pace.

You also have 30 days email support to get you going.

As a student, you also have VIP access to additional 1:1 support from me if you decide you need this.  

There is a cost to this aspect, but you benefit from lifetime discount of 30% on my normal 1:1 consultation fees.

I'm not sure that's easy to answer, but if (by now) you don't like what you've seen here, there's probably little else I can do to convince you to take the next step with me.

And that's OK.

We can still stay friends. Can't we?

But I've been in business for over 30 years.

I've been involved in property for over half of that time.  So I haven't come straight out of someone's training programme and decided running courses is an easier way to make money than actually doing the work.

I don't have the highest profile in the property world.  That doesn't actually interest me.  

If a high profile and a boat load of YouTube Videos is what you need to make you feel warm and fuzzy about working with me, then I'm probably  not right for you.

I focus on results, not getting likes and shares on social media.

It's why people come to me.

Usually after they've spent a ton of money with some of the Big Names in the business.

This is the ONLY property subject I teach. 

It's taken 16 years of my time, tears and triumphs to master this.

It's why I know how it works and where it can go wrong.

So you won't see me jump from teaching one trendy strategy to another in order to keep my sales up.

If that ain't enough for you, then honestly, find something else (or someone else) that floats your business boat.

But if you believe this is right up your street.

Jump in! 

Let me start by saying this;   

If you need the comfort blanket of a  guarantee or refund,  you probably shouldn't join.

I want people who are ready to go all-in with this. To commit. Follow-through and get a result.

I want to hear your stories. I want to share your triumphs.  

So bringing a low level of expectation isn't a great place to start, is it?

But I understand the property world is full of sharks. You might even have been eaten by one. 

I also know you may never have heard of me and so have no idea whether I know what I'm on about.

So I've taken all the risk out of this for you.

I put my money and my time (which I value more) where my mouth is.

I won't guarantee you'll make a certain level of income. That's what fake guru's and sharks do to lure you into their training funnels.

But I can guarantee when you join, if you follow every part of my system fully and consistently and DON'T find a deal that's worth at least your investment, then you'll continue to have my support until you do. 

I don't know many programmes that offer you this level of commitment.

I'm taking 100% of the risk.  Not you.


Please understand.  This is a digital product and there's little protection I have against unscrupulous people demanding a refund once they've accessed and downloaded all the content.

For that reason I don't generally offer refunds. 

But I accept you may want reassurance, so that's why I offer such a great guarantee.

The sample contracts alone in this programme are worth at least double the investment needed to join.  If you don't believe me, please try asking a solicitor to draft one for less than £1200.

Alongside that, my own models, toolkits and samples are here. It's my life's work, so I do everything I can to protect that whilst giving you access to the best I have.

Ultimately I want to discourage scammy people who are out to get access to stuff they've no intention of paying for.

That said, if you take the programme and within the first 7 days you genuinely feel it's not worth the investment, I'm happy to talk to you personally about that.

If you're still not sure this is right for you it's unlikely speaking to someone will change that.

Especially at the price level I've set the programme at.

I do have a large number of people who've worked with me and are happy to talk to those considering working with me.

I'm happy to provide their details (with their permission of course) but out of respect for their time, I have to save that for clients who are considering applying for 1:1 business coaching.

I've kept the programme down to an affordable level so it's unusual for people to need or ask for a payment plan.

I want to ensure if you take the programme, that you aren't causing yourself any money worries. 

This isn't a magic formula for fast money and I want to make sure you understand that.

That said, if you really want to get started and are ready to go, and a payment plan might help, you can email my team [email protected] with the Subject Line: ASI Pay Plan
and we'll look into this.

If we do offer you a payment plan it will be in 2 instalments of £350 so you will pay a little more for the programme. Sounds fair? 

I think so.


Everything you need is included.

Nothing left out.

No need to join any 12 month programme (in fact I don't have one of these anyway).

But there is something you need to know.

You really need to be ready, able and willing to do the work.

You need to be persistent and consistent to get a result.

You need to follow-up and follow-through on actions.

You need to accept that a lot of sellers may initially say 'NO.'

You need to accept that some of those who say 'no' now will often come back later so you have to follow-up.

You need to be prepared to build a network and relationships.

If this sounds too hard or will take too much effort or time, then I'm pretty sure it's not right for you.

All successful businesses are built over time and with consistent effort.

It's how you master your craft.  And that's what I teach.

How to do small things consistently until you master them and they become automatic.

If you're not willing to do the work, then it won't provide a result for you no matter how good my programme is.

But if you've read all this and are now mega-excited.  

Get on board. 

I'm here to help. 

I know this works. 

"Trish knows her stuff and teaches it in a simple and easy to understand way. One of the few to 'walk the talk,' with no hype, Trish has enabled me to successfully find and sell a number of properties using Assisted Sales and get paid from agents."

Sean Cahill
Titanium Property

"Trish showed me how to help a family facing repossession by using an Assisted Sale. Not only did I stop them being evicted, I also got the property sold via an agent in 45 days and got paid over £6000."

Phil Lynch
Property Investor

"I highly recommend working with Trish. With her help I was successful in flipping a house in Europe that I never visited, from a vendor in the UK that I never met, and also sold it to a buyer from the USA whom I also never met! I was struggling on how to cover the process, but with Trish's help navigated through it."

Brian McGregor
We Buy Houses Network

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