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Assisted Sales Intensive Programme

Get More LEADS.  Close More DEALS.

Get Set Up In As Little As 30 Days  

Get paid to help motivated sellers get rid of their unwanted properties.

Whether you're just starting out, scaling up or starting over.


  • You're struggling to get leads.
  • You haven't got a list of investors to sell deals to and no track record to show.
  • You want to be a Property Sourcer, but you aren't 'compliant' and need to raise the money to get you there.
  • You're tired wasting time with deals that don't stack up and feel you're missing something.
  • You need confidence to know what to say to sellers (and agents) to get them to work with you.
  • You're confused about the paperwork you need to get the job done.
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed by what you need to do get your property business running on rails.
  • You're fed up spending money looking for a solution only to find something is still missing.


  • An easy-to-follow, proven & reliable way for finding leads (in any market).
  • A simple, powerful framework for negotiating with sellers that means you can ditch feeling sleazy, spammy or salesy.
  • A road-map showing you exactly what to do to find, filter and follow-up enquiries.
  • A clear step-by-step process so you know exactly what to do next.
  • Paperwork that gives you peace of mind and lets you concentrate on closing the deal.
  • The confidence to talk to sellers, investors, agents, landlords.
  • The focus & clarity to know what you need to work on each day to see a result.
  • Everything you need to find and close a deal - with nothing left out.
  • A support network that's built to help you get a result.


  • needing loads of experience
  • tons of money
  • needing an investor list
  • needing to drive a 25% discount
  • Or having to manipulate people who are already struggling with their finances or personal problems

Sound good?

Well, then buckle-up.  

My Assisted Sales Intensive programme is definitely right for you.


Assisted Sales Intensive is my online programme that lays out for you my tried-and-tested 7 Stage Formula for making money by selling properties without having to buy or own them first.

I show you how to buddy-up with sellers and help them sell without you needing to be an agent or a property sourcer.

I share with you everything I've learned since 2004 about how to find motivated sellers, negotiate a deal, get the paperwork in place, keep control of the process and get paid.

With absolutely nothing left out.

No tease.

No upsell.

No filler.

As an experienced investor and former Estate Agency owner I share insights that will help you build better relationships and improve your network.

And when you join, you also benefit from 50% off a 1:1 consult call with me for additional support if you need it. 

Just one deal closed as a result of joining will guarantee a return on your investment.



I'm taking all the risk here.

I'm so confident in the power of what I show you, that if you follow the whole 7 Stages, fully and consistently AND don't make a sale - you'll have support from me until you make back at least what this programme cost you.


Day 1: How To Choose The Right Area (So you know there are opportunities worth pursuing).
Day 7: Stage 1 Finding Motivated Sellers (and getting your phone ringing with enquiries).
Day 10: Stage 2 Negotiating & Closing Deals With Ease (even if you hate selling and lack confidence - no spam or sleaze)
Day 13: Stage 3 Getting The Paperwork Right (never be stuck wondering what documents you need for the job)
Day 15: Stage 4 Marketing & Finding A Buyer (how to get your property ready to get a sale fast)
Day 17: Stage 5 Handling Offers & Closing A Sale (how to avoid timewasters and tyre-kickers & get the best price)
Day 19: Stage 6 Handling The Sales Process & Keeping Control (how to ensure your sale progresses smoothly and how to spot and deal with problems)
Day 21: Stage 7 Making Sure You Get Paid (how to ensure the money lands in your bank first)
Day 24: Different Ways To Make Money (how to adapt this strategy to any property and any market)
Day 25: Taking This To The Next Stage


My Assisted Sales programme is delivered to you online in easy to follow modules spread over 28 days so you can follow through and watch back at your pace.

You get different modules delivered weekly, including;

  • L.E.A.D.S.© Framework & training (value £247)
  • 3M© Marketing Method & training (value £247)
  • K.U.D.D.L.E.S.© Model & training so you can negotiate and close like a pro (value £247)
  • Simple Basics© Calculator so you know the numbers stack up before you go into a deal (value £99)
  • Property Professionals Paperwork Pack© all the contract documents you need to get the deal signed and sealed (value £1200)
  • Checklists and tools (every stage laid out in easy to follow format (value £99)
  • Email support for 30 days (value £99)
  • BONUS Training: Handling Repossessions (value £57)


But if you join now, all this is yours for just £797


Nothing is left out of this programme and bonus training is added regularly.


When you join, you'll be asked to set up an online account and password.

Your programme will be placed in your library so you can access it when you need it. 

You will be sent a separate confirmation email with your login details.  You need to save this.

If you get stuck please email [email protected] and we will help you.

Please ensure you click to subscribe to receive the emails. 

If you unsubscribe you will not get ANY emails including the ones that go with the programme itself (although you will still have access to your online programme via your library).

Welcome on board.

What Others Are Saying

II will use all the good and handy marketing ideas and information that you've offered. You are a fountain of knowledge Trish and none of the other property trainers have afforded me quality teaching and follow up as you did.

Karl Schoeman

To anyone who was thinking of working with Trish, I could not recommend her enough. I have known Trish for just over six years and through all my property connections in this time, she's undoubtedly the most helpful person I've ever met in the property circles. Trish will literally go out of her way with her own time, energy knowledge connections and passion to make sure that you have everything you need to accomplish your goals. She's the best!

Adam Hinds, Livesmart

After deciding to jump ship from my job to life in property investing, I quickly became overwhelmed at the task ahead. After seeing Trish answer people's questions and posting her own content on two different Facebook groups I'm a member of I quickly realised that Trish was someone who knew what she was talking about. I just love Trish's no bullshit honest approach, she is someone with a vast amount of knowledge. But for me her main talent is getting the best out of me by understanding my situation, hurdles I'm facing, and offering solutions and advice on how best to overcome the difficulties that I have in my business. Thank you Trish

Mark McAtamney